We are proud to provide the following services for all our Customers at all times: Alteration and repairs which includes Shortening Trousers, Jeans, Turn Ups, Waist Adjustment, Dresses & Skirts, New Zip Shirt Sleeves, Dress Lengthen/Shorten, Pockets, Patches, Buttons moved, Curtain Shortening and adjustments we are also Specialised in Wedding Dresses and Firm Leather plus many more. We welcome all type of requests from our customers and will be more than happy to respond to your request an we will do our best to meet your expectation at all times.
All works carried out at our Branch are usually time framed due to the workload on the day of your visit, or simply due to the type of Alteration required on items given by our customers our aim is to specialise in taking the 'Same Day Service' serious as we know waiting can get quite frustrating.

Comments and Feedback – we welcome all comments and feedbacks for any suggestion which you may have for us to improve our service.
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